Fabflix is an e-commerce web application that allows customers to browse or search for movies, learn more about them, and add them to their shopping cart to check out online.



March 2017 - June 2017


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery


Java, MySQL, AWS, Apache Tomcat


Eclipse IDE



This application was developed for CS 122B, a project course in web applications and databases at UCI. My partner Eric Vu and I developed it over a period of 10 weeks. Unfortunately we no longer have credit for AWS, so I could not provide pictures or our version of the project.


Developing this web application was difficult due to the course being 10 weeks long since UCI runs on a quarter system. Having to learn a bunch of new technologies to us, such as AWS and Tomcat, along with learning how to connect the back-end to the front-end made it a very fast-paced and challenging course. Due to this, I remember our front-end of the website being very barebones, because most of our grade would be based on the usability and correctness of the functionality. Despite the challenge, I enjoyed the course because it gave me a little bit of experience with developing a full stack application.